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Paint Horse

The Paint Horse is equal to the Quarter Horse, concerning origin, type and skills. They are Western Horses compact, agile horses, middle high, with distinct muscles, powerful hind legs and with a sincere, good-natured character.
Paint Horses are easy to ride, willing and adaptable. They have a well-balanced temper.Therefore they are perfect horses for show and leisure.

The Paint Horse is characterized by a small wedge-shaped head with awake eyes, a broad forehead, smaller ears, and strong jaws. The neck is long and slim. The shoulder is slope and, like the chest, packed with muscles. The wither is distinct.
Paint- and Quarter Horses have a middle height of about 1.50-155 m.
Deliberately, this horses are not bred taller, because taller horses miss the typical agility and characteristics which this Paint and Quarter Horses show.

Paint Horses can be kept on the pasture in open stables all year long. Because of their pleasant nature Paint Horses can be raised without problems.

There are two patterns to distinguish: Tobiano and Overo, which can be passed on differently. The tobiano has white legs and its pattern crosses the back-line.
The overo normaly has no white pattern which crosses its back-line. Here the pattern reaches out on the side or on the stomach. Often it has a lot of white in the face and dark legs.

Paint Horses are not to be mixed up with Pintos. The "Pinto" is not a race, it can come out of different crossbreed and races. Paint Horses instead are thoroughbred horses, with all positive characteristics of this race.

Paint and Quarter Horses are Allrounder. Their strengths are short races (a "quarter" mile - so the name: Quarter Horse), ranchwork and riding disciplines like Reining, Cutting, Working Cowhorse, Western Pleasure, Trail etc.

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